1What organization does Jamia-tul-Madinah belong to?

Jamia-tul-Madinah is the educational branch of Dawat-e-Islami. A global non-political movement for the propagation of Holy Quran and Sunnah.

2What is Dars-e-Nizami?

Dars-e-Nizami is a five year traditional Aalim program in which a student learns subjects like, Quran, Hadith, Islamic Jurisprudence, Classical Logic, Islamic Theology, and much more.

3How long is the program?

The current program is 5 year long.

4Where is Jamia-tul-Madinah USA located?

Jamia-tul-Madinah USA is currently located at 13130 Alston Dr. Sugar Land, TX 77498 USA.

How do i apply to Jamia Tul Madina USA?

Fill out our application online and submit the required documents and a representative will contact you if you get selected.

Is Jamia-tul-Madinah available outside of U.S?

Yes, Jamia-tul-Madinah is also established in different countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, U.K and South Africa

5How much is the tuition?

Jamia-tul-Madinah provides the program free of cost

6Is there an age limit?

Students need to be at least 15 years of age.

7Are the students required to completed high school?

No, if they have not completed high school, they will be provided homeschooling to finish their high school education.

8Do I need to purchase the books?

Jamia-tul-Madinah will provide the class textbooks and exercise books. Students will be required to bring their own notebooks and pen.

9Are there any arrangements for housing?

Yes, Jamia-tul-Madinah provides housing for its students free of charge. Jamia-tul-Madinah also provides food and laundry. These services are for the students that reside in Jamia-tul-Madinah’s dorm. Students with families will have to arrange separately. Jamia-tul-Madinah is in a residential area of Sugar land and is surrounded by multiple apartment complexes and houses, so anyone wishes to move can find a place close by.

10What are the pre-requisites?

Students should be able to read and recognize the Arabic letters and read the Quran comfortably, even if they do not fully understand what they are reading. No Arabic Grammar skills are required.

11Are there any placement tests a student needs to get enrolled?

No, there are no placement tests. However, we do require students to be able to read and write Arabic.

12Can women also apply to Jamia-tul-Madinah?

No, this institute is strictly for men. Dawat-e-Islami provides an online education system for women as well which is called Jamia-tul-Madinah Online lilbanat. For more information, visit the Jamia-tul-Madinah Online website.