Admission Requirements

Student need to provide all the following documents:
  1. Completed and signed Application Form
  2. Copy of Birth Certificate
  3. Copy of Valid Passport or Permanent Resident Card
  4. High School Diploma and Transcript (School Report if student is still in High School)
  5. Letter of Recommendation from Nigran of Dawat-e-Islami for city
  6. Two recent passport size photos
  7. Character reference letter
  8. Transcripts of allschools and college (if any) previously attended
Guidelines for Admission into Jamia-tul-Madinah
  1. The student should be Sunni and adhere to the correct Islamic beliefs in accordance with the Sunni Suficreed of Ahlus Sunnah.
  2. The student should be ready to participate in any activity of Dawat-e-Islami, while enrolled in Jamia-tul-Madinah.
  3. The student should follow the orders from Markazi Shura (central executive board) of Dawat-e-Islami, and the Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah USA.
  4. The student should NOT beg for money.
  5. The student should not be convicted for any misdemeanor or felony.
  6. The student should follow the guidelines given by the Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah USA at all times.
  1. Jamia-tul-Madinah is not responsible for a student leaving the premises without permission.
  2. The student who is found to have left without permission,will be suspended from attending any classes until such suspension is cancelled by the Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah USA.
  3. A minimum of one-week notice is required for any leave of absence greater than 3 days and will require the approval of the principal.
  4. No outside visitors are allowed to stay in Jamia-tul-Madinah without the permission of Administration.
  5. A student is not allowed to leave the premises to go to any Programs, Mehfil and or events without the permission of Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah.
  6. The students should secure their own belongings. Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah will not be responsible for any lost or stolen items.
  7. The students will have to attend the Thursday Weekly Congregational Ijtima of Dawat-e-Islami.
  8. A minimum of 80% attendance is required to take the yearly examination. Any student who does not fulfill this criterion will not be allowed in the examination hall.
  9. A student is required to take all Jamia-tul-Madinah’s examination and Ijtimas. Failure to do so without any notification or permission can result in a suspension.
  10. To go outside of the Jamia building during break time without permission of the dean is not permissible.
  11. The administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah has the right to transfer and or suspend any of the students when necessary.
  12. The administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah has the right to give admission in any of its branches.
  13. The students will have to follow the Madani Uniform.(Details are given below)
The following are new details about the Madani Uniform.
  1. Fistful Beard, Imamah of seven colors (Green, Black, White, Smoke Grey, Saffron, Yellow, and striped Red), White Thobe/Kurta halfway down the shin, according to Sunnah.
  2. Miswak noticeable in the front pocket, and Brown sheet to do veil while sitting, is appreciated.
  3. Each resident student should have at least three Uniforms.
  4. Use of tobacco is not be allowed. Failure to abide by this rule could result in suspension or even being expelled.
  5. Any part-time job, while enrolled at Jamia-tul-Madinah is not allowed until and unless written approval is granted by the Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah.
  6. Residing Students are only permitted to meet those family members whose names are mentioned on the admission form.
  7. Cellphones, Tablets, Laptops or MP3/MP4 devices are not permitted in Jamia-tul-Madinah. In case of need, permission can be taken from Administration of Jamia-tul-Madinah.
Note: The use of Cellphones is not permitted during class and Madani Halqa timings
Conditions for removal from Jamia-tul-Madina
  1. Any action that contradicts any Islamic ruling, local or federal laws or is against the policies of Dawat-e-Islami will result in the student being expelled from Jamia-tul-Madina.
  2. If the student does not follow the rules of Jamia-tul-Madina.
  3. If the student becomes habitual of being absent for more than three days without permission. (If this action is done more than twice, it will be counted as habitual.)
  4. Damaging any property of Dawat-e-Islami or Jamia-tul-Madina.
  5. Misbehaving with any of the administration, teachers or employees of Jamia-tul-Madina.
  6. Being Habitual of fighting or using bad language with anyone on campus and in the residence area.